Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Are Irresistible!


Yesterday evening as I was preparing dinner for the family, I heard a shrilling scream at the garage door. My 3 year old had wandered outside without my knowledge. When I heard the outburst, all I could do was think the worse. For a short second, I had a flash vision of blood coming from some part of his tiny body. Immediately the adrenaline kicked in as I ran to the door and opened it. As I scooped Timmy up into my arms the only thing blood red was his stress strained, tear streaked face.However, his clothing was completely soaked. After investigating the situation, I discovered he had turned the outside faucet on and the force of the water was so strong it soaked him completely as well frightened him into sheer a panic.

There was a part of me that was distraught because I did not want to see my little guy so flustered and upset. Yet at the same time he was completely irresistible to me. All I could do was cuddle him in his wet clothing until his little heart beat slowed to normal rhythm. It was no bother to me that my clothing was also soaked and that the crust on my chicken pie was getting too brown. All that mattered at this moment was this little child's well being. As his parent, I was gripped by his stress. I was compelled by his dilemma. And I was fascinated by his childlike innocence. He was completely irresistible to me!

As I contemplate the way my mother's heart melts for my children, I cannot help but hear the whispers and instruction of my own perfect Parent who guides me and directs me daily. I could see myself in the trembling state of my toddler and I could hear my Daddy God say, "When you are at your worst moment and you run to Me and cry to Me, you are nothing less than irresistible!" And as I ponder these words of love and adoration, I cannot help but wonder how many of God's own children do not know how irresistible they are to the One who created them,the very One who intricately designed them within their mother's womb and breathed divine breath into their very being?

The world in which we live says to be successful you must be independent of all others and dependent only upon yourself. The world says that to be considered courageous, you hide your fears under a false garment of pride which we meticulously adorn ourselves so that we dare not disclose any fear to our own hearts much less others around us. The world says live solely by your logic and human reasoning. Let them know how great you are and how smart you are so you can hide your aching soul.And the world says, to be irresistible you must empower yourself with as much knowledge as possible and increase your self esteem by any means possible in order to love and accept yourself. Why is it we believe the lies of the world and the deception of our own hearts? The simple answer, we do not trust our perfect parent. How this must break His heart.

However, the Lord has spoken the words that bring everlasting peace and life.Jesus spoke these words as a vulnerable little child ran into his arms, "Whoever becomes simple and elemental again,like this child , he will rank high in God's Kingdom. What's more, when you receive the childlike on My account, it is the same as receiving Me. (Matthew 18:4,5) The Message

And as my little boy was wrapped in my arms dripping wet with tears and water, I thought of our Lord's words. Study a child and one will recognize his unreserved
passion and freedom to express pain,joy,sadness,gratefulness, and delight. He is not moved nor bothered by who is watching or what others are thinking. He just seeks out the presence and the comforting embrace of his parent. And these are the very qualities that appeal to our Lord. He is overwhelmed by our cries to Him when we find ourselves distressed and anguished. He is enthralled by an exuberant heart of gratefulness and is gripped by a broken spirit even more than obedience. He loves a vulnerable heart and a transparent soul. He sees and hears our cries and He splits the Heavens wide open to come and cuddle us. He hears our simple songs of praise no matter how out of tune and He smiles with sheer delight!

So, what makes us so irresistible to Him? Well, just being his kid is enough. However, there is something that overpowers the heart of God when we come into His presence and we simply become honest with Him. And when we approach the alter of divine authenticity , He calls us successful. He calls us courageous and strong in our weakest moments. To be irresistible to our Father and Creator...what more could we desire? To walk with Him, talk with Him, listen to Him, cry to Him, sing for Him and to just be real with Him! What more could a child of His truly long for? Personally,I am not ashamed to say this is my life's pursuit...to be as a child so that I can relish in His company everyday. He is absolutely irresistible to me!!