Friday, December 23, 2011

I hope all of my blogger friends out there have not forgotten about me. And I have not forgotten you. It has been a tough year and my desire to write has either died or gone into hiding. Sometimes the rough weather causes things to go dormant. Just as a tree looks lifeless in the winter, there is always life within its sap. And I hope that is all that is going on with me. With the loss of my mother a year ago, our son's diagnosis, and other family trials, there have been so many days where I have felt like I am just trying to survive. However, there have been blessed moments of children's smiles and giggles, hugs from precious family and friends, and encouraging words from those around me. My heart is reflecting on this season and the joy of Christ's birth from the throne of glory to a needy and dark world. And as I marvel of this truth that never grows trite, I think of how life is all about holding on and letting go. Here is a perspective from Mary's heart. And I believe it is the heartfelt thread shared by every mother. Merry Christmas!

Holding On, Letting Go

Contently she smiled as she bundled Him up,

Cradling while kissing his face,

Tenderly she whispered the name of her Lord,

As she soothed this bundle of grace.

"Jesus, Jesus." she murmured.

Her heart oozing intense adoration,

Tears of emotion dripped from her face,

As she soaked in intricacies of divine creation.

Like any newborn baby,

No hint of Shikinah glory to see,

Ten fingers and toes; soft downy hair,

"Lord , how could all of this be?"

She held in her arms the Hope of the Nations,

Anointed Savior of All,

Wonder of wonders humbly born,

In a filthy cold cattle stall.

She pressed the babe tightly against flowing affections,

Breathing in the scent of pure Love.

"Help me Lord, to be his mother,

To keep watch over Heaven's Dove."

Holding on as she swaddled Him,

Knowing what words cannot express.

The time of letting go would come soon enough,

"Will I pass this painful test?"

But for now she would simply cherish,

The Father's first gift of His heart.

Peace and stillness flooded her soul,

Realizing they'd never really be apart.

Holding on, yet letting go,

For now she would simply treasure,

The fullness of the ALL in ALL,

Which separation could never measure.

Gazing into the eyes like a dove's,

An ocean of Heaven within,

Savoring the moment in her heart,

As she pressed God against her again.

Love and Blessings,