Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Lovely Life

One month ago today, I received a phone call from my Dad that my mother was not doing very well. By the sound of Daddy's voice, I knew it was very serious. She had been rushed to the hospital by ambulance and her heart rate dropped dangerously low. For one day, a life support system kept her alive but her soul was already gone. Her heart stopped beating for good on December the 12,2010. It has been one month and I still cannot believe she is gone. Her death was so sudden and shocking. Some days I wonder if I have moved on from the shock. It all still seems so unreal. I wake up in the morning and for one second all seems normal. Then the reality hits me all over again. My mother is in Heaven now. I will not hear her voice over the phone. I will not see her pretty face or chat with her on Face book. Sometimes I think of her at home working in the yard, reading a good book, working a puzzle, cooking yummy food, or just sitting with my Daddy having a pleasant conversation. I often think of the joy she brought to others. She made people feel special when they were in her presence. She was a happy woman and she made people smile. She did many kind things for others but she never announced her good deeds. Momma was also very precise and organized. She wrote lists of everything she needed to do and she completed them all. I always told her she could be the CEO of a major corporation because she was so organized and disciplined. She would have made a wonderful leader and boss because not only did she know how to "get the job" done but she had fun doing it! She was a leader because she led me. And I pray that I will be able to carry on her legacy.

My mother had a heart of gold and she always found ways to encourage others. I will never forget the wise words she gave me when I was in the 6th grade. I was a new student in middle school. Some of the kids were very unkind and I would come home from school crying everyday. She would put her arms around me and tell me not to worry. She said, "All you need to do is find some children like you who feel left out. Make friends with them and do not worry about the ones that are being mean." I took her advice to heart and it worked.

Momma was also a very beautiful woman. When I was a little girl, I loved to watch her do her hair. I remember she had a beehive hairstyle back in the day, and she would tease it up until it stood about 8 inches above her head. I would admire her beauty. To me, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was not perfect, but she was herself and she loved me. That made her the most beautiful woman in my eyes.

In John 10:10, Jesus said He came to give us life so that we can have it more abundantly. My mother lived an abundant life. She knew how to enjoy life but the abundant life is much more. Her life was overflowing with the fruits of the spirit which are pleasing to God. She lived knowing she was loved, therefore she granted love. Momma was full of joy,exuded a peaceful countenance, was graced with patience, showered others with kindness, exemplified goodness, remained faithful, and maintained a gentle manner as well as self control. Many benefited from her beautiful qualities. I know I have!

Even though I have all of the memories of the person she was, I now love to ponder the person she continues to be in the presence of her Maker. Her life here on earth was lovely and her life in Glory is even lovelier. This woman's name is Linda and her name means "pretty". What a fitting name for such a wonderful woman who loved God, loved her family and loved her friends. I miss her so much. My heart aches with longing to see her again. And because the Hope of Glory lives in my heart, I know that I will be with her again to hear her voice and to see her smile. Momma, I know you are serving the Lord and resting in His care. I bet you are completing everything on your list and assisting God in preparing a magnificent place for us when we finally meet again. I love you my lovely mother!


Pam... said...

She misses you too. What a blessing that you loved each other so well. Thanks for sharing that. Very beautiful and real. May God bless you and comfort you.

Ange said...

Thank you Pam. You words are very kind. I have not been very faithful with blogging. I hope that will change very soon. Thank you for continuing to check for postings. It means a lot. Many blessings to you!

Robin said...


Your mother was such a swet person and I used to love to stop by the library when she was there. We talked about books together and she always kept me updated on you and your family. I know you miss her terribly.


supplies overflowing! said...

Hi Ange,
I am trying to get back to this blogging world, because I do miss talking to you and the other people I have met here.
I decided to stop and visit with you today, and it is with sorrow now that I write.
I am so sorry to hear about your mother. She had to have been a wonderful mother/woman/person to have produced YOU.
God does work in a funny way. I have been having a trying time with my mother recently. Her health hasn't been great, and she misses my father a tremendous amount. I often think what will happen when she's gone...
I miss my father's voice. It's strange. I do have a red (my favorite color to wear)button-down sweater of his that he used to always wear, and I put it on when I am chilled. It is like he is giving me a warm hug.
Ange, I am so sorry for your sudden loss. I hope that you find comfort through you faith, through your family, or through your version of the red sweater.
I remember a dream I had of my dad some time after he passed. In my dream he told me to hug my family, because the same blood that went through his body is in their's as well- so it would be like hugging him.
take care.

Ange said...

Thank you Robin for your sweet comment. I know Momma always enjoyed seeing you and all the patrons who came to the library. She really enjoyed her job. I do miss her terribly. Much love.

Thank you so much for taking time to share your heart and thoughts with me. I am sorry about all you are going through with you Mom. It makes me think of my Dad and how it breaks my heart to see his pain. Like you with your Dad's sweater, I have many of my mother's clothes, shoes and jewelry.I am close to the same size as she. Whenever I wear them I feel like I am wrapped in her love and hugs. Writing about her helps too. What a beautiful dream and how true. We know that our precious loved ones are with us always for their very blood runs through our veins. Jenny, your words bless me so much. It is great to hear from you. My blogging has been way behind too.Thank you again for taking time to share.