Monday, June 28, 2010

Camera Happy Mommy!

It is only by the grace of the the good Lord that I can be a happy hearted mommy and a heavy hearted mommy at the same time. I am overcome everyday with gratefulness. And even though we belong to an unchanging Father, there are always changes in life that challenge us to press forward. Better yet, the challenge of change should press us closer into the loving breast of our almighty, yet tender Lord. Yesterday, I found some comfort in the camera! So I would like to share these photos with you. It has been another difficult season in our lives.I always praise HIM for the tough times for I know that it is only through those seasons we are truly changed. It is in the pressing stages that we find a deeper place in our Savior. What more could I ask for?

I love to see babies in nothing but their diapers, so I wanted to share these shots of the girls. Also below you will see some picture of some of the other younger children. Enjoy!!

In closing I would just like to share that our 18 year old son Tommy is moving to S.C. next week on July 7th. So now you know why my mommy heart is a bit heavy. It is always difficult to let our children go. However, as parents our deepest desire is to see God's will be carried out in our children's lives. I cannot imagine Tommy not being with us. And my eyes fill with tears as I write. If I have one little crumb of wisdom to share about launching our children into the world it would be this: As parents we often have our own visions for our children. However, we have to lovingly release them knowing that God has the perfect plan, not us. And no matter what that plan looks like, we can trust in the Name of the Lord our God. In addition, we can loosen the grip and lean on His never changing grace.

I love you all,


For Your mercy and loving-kindness are great and high as the heavens! Your truth and faithfulness reach to the skies!Psalm 108:4

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supplies overflowing! said...

Hi Ange! I loved the photos of all the children.
Your final paragraph hit me like a lead balloon.
My daughter came home from her time in California as a volunteer in the clinic for the homeless, and left Friday morning for 10-12 days in Haiti, volunteering again with a doctor she met while at the clinic. It is nerve-wracking for my husband and me. We would love for her to live and work quite a bit closer to home- a drivable distance- but like you have said, we have to trust in the plan that God has for us all.
Thanks for these words of wisdom, and congrats on the graduation!