Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Enjoy!

The Lord is teaching me more and more each day about His rest. We have had our share of hardship and trials over the past few months. My mother died very suddenly this past December. Just two weeks before her death, our 4 year old son was diagnosed with autism. And just a couple weeks ago, I took one of the girls to the doctor for pink eye only to discover she has a heart murmur. She was referred to a pediatric cardiologist and some abnormalities showed up on her EKG. Now we wait for the next appointment for more testing. Waiting is just plain difficult. It is excruciating at times. It seems like torment. However, it is within the waiting room of hardship and adversity that our faithful Lord teaches us about true rest and leaning upon Him.
I am finding that even though some days I do not handle stress very well, my Father truly understands my weakness. He does not get frustrated or angry with me. He just wants me to lean on Him. Simple as that.
And He keeps His arms around me even though I sometimes get frustrated with Him because I cannot feel His embrace. Faith is more than what I am feeling. Faith is assurance. Faith is knowing He is holding me regardless of what my mind or emotions say .
He just wants me to live each day enjoying the simple things in life. For the simple things are truly what brings pleasure and delight to the soul. Through trials we learn to appreciate the seemingly insignificant moments and pleasures. The insignificant becomes very significant.
There are lovely reminders God has graciously given us to capture each day if we will just stop and take notice. When I soak in His beauty, I find healing and peace.

In His grace, I can truly enjoy all the beauty around me, even within the seasons of the unknown.
There is comfort surrounding me. There is sunshine in my darkness.
There are smiles within the midst of my tears. Because of who He is, I can enjoy my life. I can have abundant life. My eternity is not only held within the future but I am living it in the now.

May you always discover hope in the midst of your fears. May you enjoy each day as you lean upon the Hope of Glory.

Love to my friends,



ashlalee said...

Ms Ange you can follow me or friend me on here if you want<3

Pam... said...

Good to see you and read your post, Ange. Sorry about the many trials. I wish I could wish them away. But God. He loves us so, and knows what is needed and works it out in us as gently as anyone could.
You are right about the counting blessings.Have you read the 1000 gifts book by Ann Voscamp? Highly recommended. Keep your chin up, and keep us informed about the kiddos needs so we can pray.

Kenai Alaska Or Bust! said...

Ange, it's been really nice seeing you on SOL again! It seems that you have been through a lot lately and for this I am sorry. I agree with Pam, please keep us up on the happenings. It is times like this that draws us all together as friends and as beacons of strength through prayer. Keep up the positive attitude and try not to be afraid or feel down. God is with you and has blessed you in so many ways, and you will find your way through all of this with His love and the support and comfort of family and friends. Coincidentally, how is your dad and how did his visit with you John and the grand kids go? I have been wondering about that and have a feeling it was a needed time for everyone there. Take care and God bless.

Ange said...

Thank you so much Pam and Greg for your kind and comforting words. Thank you also for those prayers. Pam, I will check out the book. Anything that would be encouraging right now would be great. Greg, I always appreciate your encouragement. My Dad's visit out here was wonderful. You are right, it was much needed and wonderful for us all. We are planning to move back East to SC in the near future and are in the process of looking for a home there. Maggie's appointment with the cardiologist is on the 27th of this month. Please keep those prayers flowing. I am so blessed to have such precious friends who care. Thank you Thank you again!!!