Monday, December 1, 2008

Ribbons of Riches

This rainbow photo was taken by our 14 year old son Kerry the day before Thanksgiving. Just that morning I had been relishing the rain as it was the first one I had seen since we moved out to Arizona back in September. I was overwhelmed by the breathtaking sight. Kerry could not capture the entire rainbow as the expanse of it was enormous. I remember the children excitedly pulled me out onto the back patio so we could delight in this "free present" together. I had such a great time jumping up and down with the little ones as we applauded God's art work! The rainbow was complete and stretched across the entire sky within our view. The colors were of the most vivid I had ever seen.

AS I have been thinking about the precious gift of the rainbow, I have been thinking about God's promises. The rainbow was simply God's sign of His promise to never flood the whole earth again. His word is packed with promises for His children. Why is it that we have such a difficult time believing and claiming the promises of God? Just as little children receiving the gift of the rainbow with squeals of excitement, we should heed their example and simply believe that what God says HE will do.

This is a very difficult time to believe God's promises if we focus on the world around us. Just a few days ago, I read that just in the Phoenix area alone 18,000 people recently lost their jobs. I also read somewhere yesterday about a young lady who has been looking for work for over 5 months. This time last year, my husband John lost his job. It took over 8 months for him to find a new one. We are very thankful that he has work now.

Furthermore, there is a part of God's heart that I am really seeing that makes the trials and setbacks worth it. God's desire to give us good things is great and deep. Many times we think that the Lord has betrayed us or wants to withhold good things from us. However, that is a lie. Many times He allows these trials so that we can truly understand His heart for us. If I desire so much to give to my own children, how much stronger is His passion to give good things to us.

This year I feel the Lord wants us all to focus more on the eternal gifts He has given to us. Those are things that rust and moths cannot destroy. Genuine joy comes in finding pleasure in people and precious moments we can share with them. Our children will not remember too much about IPODS and Xboxes. But they will remember the time you take with them in the simplest matters.

Last night I told my four year old that she is about too big to be held at night while she drinks her cup of milk. I scolded myself for that comment. As long as she wants to snuggle with me I should capture those moments as priceless and valuable. And had I chosen to put an end to our little routine, I would have missed a special moment last night when she asked me what God looks like. And all the sweet inquiries about how to talk to God. I would have lost out on the comment she made about how thankful she is for Mommy, Daddy and her whole family.

This is what Christmas is all about. It is about resting and finding joy in the little things-the ordinary and mundane. Let's put a bow on the things that really matter. Just as God put the beautiful rainbow over us the day before Thanksgiving, let us see the ribbons of riches in the things that really matter-moments with the ones we love.

Ribbons of Riches

There are moments waiting in human packages
Presents not tucked in boxes covered with shiny wrap.
But within the frames of living souls
And hearts beating by Divine timing.
Let us not waste in worry
The treasures without price
But find joy in gifts eternal.

The world will offer you things that won't last.
And joy will be stolen with pain from your past.
Lay the hurt and the world aside
When opportunities arise.
Ribbons of riches adorn,
Gifts of small moments
A hug.
A smile.
Or a walk in the rain.
A giggle.
A snuggle
Or a kiss on the cheek.
Ribbons of Riches
Cannot be replaced
By replicas in the world.
But are discovered in the simplest
Of moments waiting
To be unfurled.

Morning Bagel:If a child asks his father for a loaf of bread, will he be given a stone instead?If he asks for a fish will he be given a poisonous snake? Of course not! And if you hard hearted sinful men know how to give good gifts to your children, won't your Father in heaven even more certainly give good gifts to those who ask Him for them? Matthew 7:9-11 ( The Living Bible)

Daily Hug: Lord, I am so thankful that You want to share your heart with your children. You desire for me to understand your heartbeat for others. I appreciate all the life lessons you teach through hardship. True blessing comes in packages we often do not see or appreciate when things are always good. How would we even see the good things if we never experience the bad? You Lord are always redeeming the negative moments in my life to make my heart softer toward you and others.

Help me to capture moments this day that are priceless. Open my eyes and ears that I may experience the things that are on Your heart and the things that are most important to You. You have chosen to merge Your heart with mine that I may experience what true love is. Give me grace in this season to focus on the eternal blessings and to unwrap every moment as a gift from you. I choose to take my eyes off of the world and the worries in my own life and to place them upon You. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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