Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two Gether Again!

Yesterday was a joy filled day. The sisters are reunited out of the womb! This morning we put the girls side by side and they immediately locked arms and turned toward each other.
Lizzie is on the left and Maggie is on the right. It was amazing to see these two little ones together! They seemed to recognize each other!

Here's Heather, Daniel and Joshua...they cannot seem to stay away from the babies...they are always wanting to hold them!
Here is one happy mom! Little Maggie is home at last! What a wonderful feeling. Maggie and Lizzie will be two weeks old tomorrow! Wow, how the time is flying!

This is me with my dear childhood friend and neighbor. She flew here last weekend from San Francisco to spend a week with us! Camille was such a blessing...she helped us in so many ways. I am so grateful to her for taking precious time away from her own family to minister to us in such a great time of need. Camille, you are a gift!

Just wanted to share some more joy with you all!

Love to all,



{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

awwwww ange~ they are the most beautiful twin baby girls i have ever seen!!!!! soooooo touching how they locked arms and touched my heart sooo....precious gifts..truly sooo beautiful is the photo~ of the 3 little ones with their brand new baby sisters!!!! soooo LOVELY....AWWW... i am soo glad i was able to get on and see this....i try to check every single day~ because it brightens my heart soo.....loves and many blessings ange~ i hope you are resting and healing from the c-section~ {hugs} blessed mommy of 11~ your in my thoughts and prayers~ inhim~ tausha

MapleCottage said...

Oh girl, that is too much.. they are so precious! Pray for me as I still wait for the Lord to bless me again.. its getting so hard to deal with each month.. but these two sweet ones give me much hope!! Big big hugs!

MapleCottage said...

Oh I just realized how big they are! They are wonderful sizes for 33 weeks.. can you imagine full term? :) Sweet sweet! My twin girls will be 13 on Dec 29th.. I remember those early days well!