Monday, November 23, 2009

Trusting Again

Here is a another snugly photo of the babies. On the left is Maggie. Lizzie is on the right. Tommy, our 17 year old, is doing really well getting some great pics of these sweeties.
There have been many lessons learned in this season and I know there are more to come. One thing the Lord is showing me is that I can trust Him in others. Honestly, our family went through so much stuff over the last few years, we had really lost trust in people. God never commands that we trust people. However, He chooses to work in and move through people. The lesson...there really are individuals out there who are good and want to love unconditionally.

In the photo above is our 17 year old son Tommy. He has really been a little man in this time. Here he is reading to his younger siblings one of the evenings I was at the hospital with Maggie. I am so proud of him. He took care of all the children while I was in the hospital the first few days.

There has been a change for the good in our home...especially with the teenagers. Their hearts are more tender and they jump to help do anything we need assistance with.
Here is Heather holding Maggie.
Joshua with Lizzie.

Another lesson I learned is that God will move through anyone He chooses. Most of the time it happens through those we least expect. There is a purpose in that as the Lord wants us to know that it is ultimately His hand in action through the life of others. In addition, we can trust Him in people if we will keep an open heart. And if we are let down or disappointed in a person, He is great enough and good enough to take care of us anyway. He is good, good, good!!

When I was in the hospital, the Lord showed me that I had lost trust in others overall. I did not trust the doctors, nurses, and even those around me that I know. I was terrified of anesthesia, surgery, and amnios. I had all three and was forced to face all of these.

As the doctor was pulling the babies out, the anesthesiologist told me that I needed to trust them. I guess he somehow picked up on my fear and distrust even though I was quiet through the whole thing. However, I did tell him beforehand that he better not to let me die since I have 11 children that need me! I wonder how many times he has to listen to statements like that...bless his heart.

Looking back over it all, I see that the Lord took good care of me in the hospital those 8 days and He also protected our baby girls. He did mighty things through a wonderful staff at Chandler Regional Hospital. I also made some sweet new friends with a couple of the nurses there. I really felt like a queen there. One the sweet ladies on staff gave be massages. All of my nurses worked so hard to help me feel comfortable as I was so sick from the medication. And the NICU staff were so thoughtful and respectful to John and me. They also took excellent care of our little girls.

People that we do not even know have come out of the "wood work" to offer help. We have had meals everyday and help with child care. And to think I was worried about God's provision...Oh me of little faith! When will I ever learn that God comes through every time? When will I finally get it?

Thank you again precious people for sharing in our joy! I really do appreciate all of your support and encouragement during this time. Thanks for being a branch of God and for helping me to trust again.

Love, Blessings and Cheer!!



{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

ange~ awww {hugs}again~ sooo beautiful~ i love seeing the family together~ ;) the babies are such a GIFT.......x2 :)
the photo of your son reading to the little ones was soo those babies for me! ;)
rest my dear kindred spirit~
in him alone~ tausha
ps....i love reading the in touch magazine from charles stanley~ it is soo encouraging and uplifting...and helps me walk with the lord more closly...have you ever heard of it~? it is free monthly...i could order it for you if you like~ many blessings~ tausha

Angie said...

how sweet and precious they both are. What a blessing that the Lord bestowed on you. What a gift of the inheritance of Christ.

Blessings dear sister!

September said...

Ange- Your post was so honest and glorifying to the Lord. He has truly brought you to a sweet place of trust!
The Lord has truly blessed you and is STIL doing a work all aorund your home and your family- in and thru you.
Keep hanging in there mommy! I will be praying for you while you raise this family for Him!

{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

Many baby{Thanksgiving Day} Blessings~
Ange~ you have the most precious 2 baby girls ever! What a wonderful Birthday present!
Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen~

{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

okay~ busy mommy of eleven~ i know you have got to be exhausted~ but we want to see those beautiful babies...and family loving them ;)
no really....don't take away from those two tiny blessing for a second! get to the computer when you have time~ again....seriously...;)
blessings as you love them~