Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Happy 9th Birthday Daniel. You have been so blessed. I cannot even remember the last time you even had a cold. And today, on your special day, you were sick. I felt so sad.
I am not used to seeing you all laid up on the couch so still. You are such a strong active boy. Always wanting to help and needing to be doing something!!
And here is the infamous ice cream cake...our family tradition. You picked out some yummy flavors..Dutch chocolate, french vanilla, Twix bars and Butterfingers! Yum Yum! I am glad you at least felt like eating a little of it!
Awww, look at your big blue eyes. So tired!
And here is our big,long family table. We have made so many memories around this simple table. I pray there will be many more!
And here are Daddy and me. We love you so much!
Daniel,you have had such a sweet,cheerful spirit today even though you were sick. But you are so sweet most of the time anyway!
I hope you liked all of your gifts and that you will enjoy them. Hopefully you will feel more like playing tomorrow.

Happy Birthday my sweet son. I will see you in the morning and I will show you this post then. I love you so much. You are a gift from God and a joy to this mother's heart...



. said...

Hey there Ange! Lol, funny how fine minds think alike! I was thinking yesterday when I read your blog, what a talented photographer you are. Your folks' house has an incredible setting! Thanks for sharing your lovely family and your life's events with us! It is always like a respite for me to tune into your writings. Take care and God bless!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Daniel! So sorry you were sick on your special day. Praying you are feeling better today!


Ange said...

Thank you Greg and Karen for visiting my blog...two of my fav friends! I appreciate those who have not given up on me. I find it difficult to find time to visit other's blogs in this season.... (wonder why)?hopefully one day soon I can catch up!!