Thursday, April 8, 2010

More to Smile About!!

Today the girls are 5 months old. I cannot believe it!
Yes I have so much to smile about!
To grin about!
There is not much more to say except...WOW I AM SO DOG GONE BLESSED!!
My home and my heart are full.....
running over....
with blessings!!
My God is good!
Times are tough sometimes...
But I serve a giving and loving God...
who loves to pour out His goodness to anyone who is willing to receive HIS best!!

Love you my friends!



Pam said...

Your children are so sweet and handsome/pretty. Yes, God blesses us so richly.

Ange said...

Hi Pam,

You are very sweet to take time to leave such kind words! Thank you!!


supplies overflowing! said...

Hello Ange!!!
I see those babies have grown SO MUCH in the time that I have been gone! They are beautiful- as are the older kids. I love that last photo the best. There is something in the way your son is holding the baby, coupled with her expression, that makes the CUTEST PHOTO!!
A neighbor of mine is expecting baby #4. I see the moms of younger children gather on the street, and I miss those days, though I do also remember the hectic moments too.
You look good. I guess more calm. Maybe things have settled into more of a routine now, or as routine as can be with a large family! I am glad everyone is doing well.

September said...

LOVE your pictures! Your babies are so beautiful!
I love the picture of you all relaxing on a blanket and your son relaxing on your side. Sweet family you have!
Happy Birthday to Daniel! Isn't it sad when they are sick,, especially on their birthdays!
Keep looking up Ange!