Friday, October 10, 2008


For starters I will share my heart and desire for this blog site. As women seem to get busier and busier as each year passes, the need to rest, to enjoy life, and to appreciate the more simple things around us are needful. We live in a culture of continual stress that weighs us down. How can we get back to the basic and simple things of life in a society that is continually harassing us to do this, be that, and have everything in the process?

In these blogs I want to share how God is still teaching me to slow down and to stay focused on what is the most important. A friend of mine shared that God had been speaking to her about getting back to the more weightier matters of and mercy. This has been my mission lately. Showing love in the home is our starting place. Extending mercy in the hidden places of our own dwellings is what God cares about the most . It is also where the greatest influences will flow from this generation to the next.

As you visit here, you will find various ideas on how to create a home that is a haven of rest, comfort, and acceptance to those who enter. There will be simple gifts here....decorating tips,recipes,entertaining ideas,and much more. You will also find a daily scripture which I call the Morning Bagel and a small devotion, titled "Daily Hug" at the bottom of each article.

My prayer is that you will learn to simplify your life so you will have more time to enjoy your husband, your children, and others who walk through your doorway. Welcome to my heart-A heart at home. Ange
Morning Bagel- If God does not build the house, the builders only build shacks. Psalm 127:1 (The Message Bible)
Daily Hug- We can spend a lot of time decorating and cleaning our homes but really miss the main point of why we do these things. If I busy myself with these because I am trying to impress others then I build a shack. If I clean and adorn my dwelling but there is no love there, then all of my labor is in vain. God wants our homes to glorify him. Just as Jesus loved to visit the home of Mary and Martha, He desires more so to dwell with you in yours. We should think of our houses as sanctuaries, as extensions of a woman's heart filled with God. As I busy myself with my daily duties I should ask Him if my work is pleasing to Him. If He is pleased, then we are filling our homes with His presence.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for blessing my family with a home. Help me to never take for granted the importance of my calling here. You have provided a place for me to express my God given creativity in order that others may experience your mercy, love and grace. I give you the home of my heart today God. Fill it with Yourself and let Your presence overflow into the lives of my family and any others who cross over my threshold. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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Sami said...

Thank you Ange for showing your heart. You are a blessing and I love reading your blog. Such beautiful insight.