Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playtime!!!! A Visual Message!!

Jesus said He came to do something. Remember what HE said? He came to give life, not religion. He came that we may enjoy our lives, our relationships, and each day that He gives us. We may stare into the face of suffering in seasons of our lives. We may feel that all hope is lost at certain times of difficulty. However, His joy is a gift we carry with us at all times. We may not always feel it. We may not always experience it. However, we can choose to walk in the joy of the Lord and seek the goodness of God in all situations. Remember to live life to the fullest today. This is the choice I have made. Send an encouraging email to someone who needs strength. Smile at a stranger. Walk in the woods. Roll around on the floor with your kids. Laugh ! Laugh! Laugh!

Morning Bagel: The thief does not come except to kill, steal and destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

Daily Hug: There is a winning side and there is the opponent. If we have Christ in us, we are on the winning side. Even though you are winning, you have an enemy who wants to steal daily from you any ounce of joy or blessing that God has planned for you. John 10:9 says that Jesus is the door. If we enter through that door (Jesus Christ) we will be saved and we will find pasture. This means that we can choose what door to walk through each morning, each moment, and each day. Ask Him to fill you with His spirit. Yield your all to Him this moment and you will find the inner rest your soul longs for. You will find your pasture of rest and nourishment, your provision for an abundant day. It is only found in Him.

Lord, You are the way to an abundant life. I choose to walk through the door of Your truth this day. Help me not to put more pressure on myself than You intended. I choose you this day and refuse to allow the enemy to steal joy and rest and peace from me. May this day be filled with your fullness. Thank you for the life you have given in everyday life. I can enjoy all you have given me in family, in my home. I appreciate the simple mundane tasks of washing dishes, making beds, dressing my children, doing laundry and cooking meals. I offer them all as worship unto You this day Lord. Thank you for giving me the ability to accomplish only that which you have planned for me this day. Make my home a temple. Make me a blessing, especially to you Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.


Anna Latshaw said...

Love your blog Angie. You are doing a great job. Practical and inspiring. I will certainly be back to gleen more wisdom!

Stephanie Bent said...

Hi Ange,

Today was the first time I looked at your new blog. I was just glancing over it but my eyes just stopped at this post. I know that happened for a reason. I found your post so encouraging. Part of me feels like an impostor since your blog is for stay at home moms. I just replaced "making beds" and "dressing my children" with sitting in meetings, checking emails.

Your wisdom can be applied to all women in various seasons.