Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My World has Been Rocked

Yes this about sums it up. My world has truly been rocked. As I rock one baby the other baby is asleep. And as the other baby awakes, the other has just fallen asleep. Poops usually happen at the same time, but not always. Seriously, caring for newborn preemie twins in addition to all of the other children has turned my life upside down like a salt and pepper shaker being forced to get that last little bit out to adequately season the food. Never before did I think about how different things would be caring for preemies who have to have every drop of their milk measured to make sure they are gaining enough weight. And we wash bottles change many diapers,make bottles and I try to pump breast milk in between everything else.

Yes, rock me some more... my new life. And I know that there is a "new normal" ahead for us. But right now it does not seem like there is a new normal any where in sight. Now all this might sound like complaints to you the reader. But please do not misunderstand. Feeling overwhelmed does not mean I am complaining. For me it is just the opposite. I am overwhelmed by these challenges, but I know that God knew ahead of time and He will give me the strength and grace to go through this time with joy. I look at these two sweet babies and all the other children we have been blessed with and I am overtaken with amazement at the goodness of God. I prayed and asked the Lord for another baby. He saw fit to send two little angels into our family. My dream came true.

Maggie and Lizzie are both sleeping right now. And a young lady whom I hired to help me this week has taken the little ones to the park. It is so quiet in the house...but I know not for long. I must keep this post short. Anyway, I just wanted to do a very quick update to let all of my blogging friends know that we are doing fine. MAGGIE


Both of the girls are pretty peaceful babies. They only cry when hungry,have a dirty diaper or want to be snuggled...and they are VERY snugly!And the most wonderful feeling is cuddling them at the same time! One baby in each arm.

It is so interesting how exited I have been over something seemingly as trivial as weight gain in the babies. We are having to take them weekly to the doctor to have them weighed. Lizzie was gaining very slowly and she was the smallest twin. However this week she gained a lot of ounces and her doctor was very happy.

We are not getting much sleep. And I have to give my husband a lot of credit as many times he gets up with both twins so I can rest. Having a c-section has really thrown my body off and it seems to be taking my body longer to repair this time.

Well, until next blogging moments are few right now but I will post notes and photos as much as I can. Thanks to you all for checking in and for your ongoing words of blessing and encouragement!




September said...

Beautiful, Exhasuting moments.
Keep taking care of yourself too Ange! Drink that water, and sleep snuggling!
Praying for you- and I KNOW you are not complaining... this is survival and thankfulness,,, all rolled into one! ( errr. two!)
Love ya! ( hug)

{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

ange~ oh ange~ ;)
i bet you are having a time getting much rest at all~ but sooo absoulutely on a joyful high, adoring these precious tiny loves....{hugs} i can see you now snuggling up with both lizzie and maggie and cradling their tiny newborn heads. it must seem to you like..the breath of heaven....the scent a newborn baby is so heavensent...and with two tiny babies....all i can do is give thanks to the heavenly father....and sigh a mother sigh with you....what a true have been given....{smile}
as i read ove your post, i know you will find a special way of balancing your blessings~ with recovering from major surgery, and trying to produce milk...and being mommy to all your little ones, it can be exhausting...but just bask in the blessings that god has given, and put the house cleaning off, and enjoy every second with these precious babies...every min. is a miracle.....
blessings sweet friend in christ~
blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen~

{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

ANGE~ i forgot to add!
thank you for sharing part of your life with others~ we are blessed by the moments shared!

kblair said...

Sending cyber kisses and hugs to those precious girls! Maggie looks just like Daniel when he was a baby.
Praying for supernatural rest and strength!
Love you!

Our Blessed Savior said...

Ange, they are so precious God bless them. Even these times of exhaustion and challenges will be fond memories, they grow up so fast. It's such a blessing that you are home with your two beautiful girls. Enjoy every single moment you have with them.

Jill said...

They are growing. Enjoy them because children grow up so fast!!! You are a wonderful mom and I can feel it when I have come over to your home, there is peace.

mindy said...

Congratulations Ange, John, LIzzie and Maggie are oh so beautiful and precious. God Bless.