Friday, March 26, 2010

Springing in the Valley!

This was such an amazing spring day! The air was warm but there was a cool breeze. It was as if the gentle wind was calling and beckoning, "Come and play. Find solace for your soul!"
After lunch I extended an invitation to the children to join me outdoors.
We sported our shades and grabbed the camera!
It is amazing the beauty and growth you can find in the desert....a unique loveliness like no other place.
We knocked on some doors of our neighbors and asked it we could photograph their blooms! You would have thought we brought a trophy to their door! Or a blue ribbon! They were delighted!
And I felt like one of those blooms myself as we strolled the streets with the desert sun shining upon our faces and bare arms! refreshing!
Thank you my Daddy for the gift of this day! Your beauty is indescribable. May I never take Your works for granted!
Wow...what an amazing day...just to relax and enjoy my sweet children, to bask in the simplicity of the season, and to know that I am in my Father's care! For if He takes such great pleasure in the blooms springing from within the gardens of the earth, then how much greater His care for me!!!


Karen said...


These pictures are just beautiful! I have never been to the desert before. Actually I have never been any further west of Kentucky. I have always wanted to travel west and see more of this beautiful country. Maybe someday! Thamks for sharing!


Angie said...

I love spring for that reason.. it is Like takes his paints, and wakes everything that was dead and sleeping and brings them back to life with such vibrant color!!

Love to you