Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seasons Within Seasons

I have been thinking lately about the different seasons of my life. When my first 3 children were 4 years of age and under, the floor of our house was covered with toys and the Lord knows what else! It seemed that everything was "topsy turvy" everyday. When I was expecting our third child Kerry, I experienced the worse morning sickness ever. The memories are so vivid. Bradley and Tommy would run complete circles through the kitchen, dining room, and living room over and over while I laid on the couch so sick. And you do not want to know what it feels like to throw up grits!

Furthermore, let's not talk about my prayer life. My quiet time consisted of standing at the top of the stairs while nursing a baby and practically screaming out to God to quiet the others down so I could get the baby down for a nap. In addition, I thought that "having a ministry" meant something I did at church rather than serving those sweeties in my own home.

Then there was the season when I was pregnant with our 6th child, Daniel. Morning sickness was with me in every pregnancy. However during this time, I was heavily involved in a women's bible study on the Song of Solomon. Even though I was busy with 5 children and expecting my 6th (as well as wondering how in the world I was going to manage all those blessings!), the Lord really drew me close to Him in that season. I had revelation after revelation of how He really feels about me and all of his children.

I learned that God calls me "Beloved" and that He pays close attention to me. And when I go through the dark raging storms and my brain is talking to me and saying, "God has left you." Or the enemy of my soul says, "You are not so special after all are you?", I can rest assured that He is always present in times of trouble. He calls me Beloved and He sees beauty that I myself cannot see.

It does not matter what season of life you are in. Maybe you have small children running around full of unending energy. Or maybe all of your children are grown and have moved on. Perhaps you are newly married and are awaiting the season for children. It does not matter. There is always a season within a season. Sometimes we feel far away from God because we are so busy and distracted. Then His quiet promptings pulls you back into His presence as He gently whispers of His love and patience.

Just as a child experiences growth spurts, we also have bouts of growth in our relationship with the Lord. But no matter what phase you find yourself, He gazes into your eyes and says, " Behold, you are fair beloved. You are fair. You have dove's eyes" (Song of Solomon 2:15). Oh the pleasure in really knowing how God sees you. I encourage you to find out.

And when He draws you deeper into His presence, you find healing and restoration from the lies of the world. You walk in peace and confidence in Him. As a result you find yourself more in love with the Lover of your soul and your eyes have a single focus just like the eyes of a dove.

Presently I find myself in a new season. My oldest lives on the other side of the country. I have 8 other children in the home with one still in diapers. I am still busy chasing little ones. However, there is a season within this season. New things are unfolding and I am treasuring my family more than ever. We hardly know anyone after a time of having an abundance of friends and ongoing company. I do not understand it. But to be honest I am loving it. It is not always easy. But I am stilled and comforted when I look at my Lord and He tells me that He loves me constantly in the midst of mind wars, emotional changes and worldly pressures. I am more thankful than ever and I walk in flowing peace. To Him be the glory.

Morning Bagel: Behold you are fair my love! You are fair. You have dove's eyes. Song of Solomon 2:15

Daily Hug: A dove has one partner for life and does not have peripheral vision. This means that he is not easily distracted and has single focus. It is amazing how God uses the dove to express His desire for us. He is so attentive to us as individuals and longs for us to have that single focus for Him. Many times He allows us to go through trials because it is through the dark that we long for the light. We were created to be drawn to the light, to Him. And when we find ourselves in that place of looking unto Him only, He exclaims with delight, "You are fair my love! You are fair. You have dove's eyes.

Lord, I am so grateful for the value of your word. I do not take it for granted. I do not always understand Your thoughts. However, You reveal Yourself to me little by little so that I can appreciate who You really are. Thank you Lord that You see beauty in me that I cannot recognize. Then You do not hesitate to tell me just how You feel. I can read it in Your word. I can see it everyday in the faces of my family. I can experience it in the warmth of the sun or the whispers of an evening breeze. But most of all I can see it clearly in the gift You gave me through the Life of Your Son, Jesus. In His name, Amen.

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