Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time to Shake, Shimmer and Shine!

I am just going to start writing. Yep that is what I am doing because sometimes when you think too hard about how you want to get your heart out,thoughts just do not come out accurate. So right now I am being random and free. You want to know why? Well I know that the few who read these blogs know the Lord. You have a close relationship with Jesus Christ. You are people of faith and I just want to send a bit of encouragement your way.

Every time I look in the newspaper or listen to the news there is some comment or prediction shared that things are going to get worse in our nation. "The economy will probably get worse before it gets better."Everywhere we turn our ears or eyes this is the "jazz" we hear. Who knows if that is true but God himself? And if all that "jazz" awaits us, we must not shrink. It is time for the church to shake, shimmer and shine!!

Here in Arizona the full moons are so bright that they remind me of the church. The church has no light of its own. We who are children of God have no shimmer of our own. However just as the moon is a satellite to the sun, we are a satellite of the Son, Jesus Christ. When we expose ourselves to Him, we reflect glorious light which is His glory!! Isn't that an amazing thought?Isn't this a wonderful and exciting truth?

Guard your hearts children of the Most High. Fear is still trying to come against you. Fear is the faith of the enemy. Maybe you are uncomfortable with what I am writing. However, I am here at home with no one to tell! So I am telling it here.It is time for the church to stop being shaken by fear and to be the ones doing the shaking!

Turn from fear. It is time for you to shine in this dark world filled with timidity of the unknown. Do you know why you have struggled these past seasons with sorrow, doubt and discouragement? Because God has been preparing you to be a visible pathway of gold that others can walk on to reach the throne of His glory.

Do you know why you feel like your heart has bled with unstoppable flow due to the wounds and disappointments you have encountered? Because like Jesus, it is through the flow that others come to know-to know Him!

People are on shaky ground. There are stories of individuals here in the Phoenix area who were millionaires who are almost homeless and living in shelters. So many have put their trust in the chariots and horses of this world thinking that their bank accounts will save them or that their positions of success will sustain them. But no says the Lord. I am the true and living God and nothing shall stand apart from me.

So beloved ones, God has called you as His agents to shine hope as the temporary things are falling away. Be confident that God will provide more than enough for you and your family! He will give you extra to give away. So do not hesitate and draw back in fear because of all you see around you. It is the moment for the church. A harvest is coming and so many are going to see Jesus and will want Him after rejecting Him and choosing their possessions over Him

How I dare to be bold and sound like a fool and write like a maniac! But my heart is full of hope that the season for the church to move is upon us. We must be ready and we must not hide our lights! Shine oh Bride of Christ! You've been clothed in splendor. You heart has been tried and your faith is firm. Choose faith, not fear. God has got cha! He's got cha!

Morning Bagel: Wake up. Put your face in the sunlight. God's bright glory has risen for you.The whole earth is wrapped in darkness.All people sunk in deep darkness. But God rises on you, His sunlight glory breaks over you. Isaiah 60:1-3 (The Message Bible)

Daily Hug: I love to watch how my two year old reacts when I put him in the tub. He usually gets a little timid as I lower him into the warm water. He shakes a little and hangs on tightly to me as he exclaims in his little voice, "I got cha! I got cha!" It is his little word of faith and knowing that mommy is not going to drop him in the water. He feels timid at first but he speaks those little words out loud. Then when he is settled in the water knowing I have not let him go, he relaxes.

What a perfect example of the times we are in. Some of us are fighting against fear of the unknown. The fear of being dropped and left to drown in the high waters of a shaky economy. However, as children of the Lord, we can rest assured that He 's got us in His grip and that HE will not let us go. And we can speak boldly through the veils of fear trying to cover us, "I gotcha, I gotcha." And the Lord smiles so bright at our faith filled words, and replies, "Yes, child! I gotcha! I gotcha!"

Father, thank you for all the things you allow us to go through in this journey. The tough times are simply weight training so we will have the muscles to carry the hurting and downcast upon our shoulders. We were not simply created to carry only our own weight in this world,but to help carry others in troubled times. Oh the endless peace that flows through my heart when I hear You say that you are with me and will never forsake me. Shine like the moon through my life Lord and let me simply be a reflection of You. This is my goal, this is my passion and my life. In Jesus Name. Amen

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kblair said...

Good word my friend! I know I still owe you an email response!
I love you!