Thursday, March 19, 2009

Berry Fruitful

It is amazing how something as simple as strawberries can get me so wound up! Last night we bought 8 lbs of them for only a 1.19 a pound. And these are gorgeous, sweet and juicy. Just to look at them makes me taste their plump succulence.

Strawberries are one of the family's favs. They will be gone quickly. As I was thinking about our berry find, my mind began to mull over the word fruitful. Fruitfulness is much more than accomplishments and getting things done. I find it to be more a stance of the heart and a byproduct of gratefulness. The more I find myself thankful for even the simplest of things, the more fruit I find myself bearing in my daily tasks. Seemingly insignificant things carry a lot more meaning and I find that getting a great deal on lovely strawberries is a big deal after all.

The more I think on each day that I am grateful for, I find that stress and and anxiety have less a hold on me. It is Thursday and it has been fruitful week so far..... more so on the inside of my heart than the external things I have accomplished.

Fruitful days
Are made by
cultivating single moments
of gratefulness.
Then seemingly plain things
mean more.
Simple things
are genuinely valuable.
And the heart
Is purest when
adorned in gratitude.

Please visit my art blog as I have added and changed it a good bit. I am very excited about it. I did a collage with Pearls, Paper and Paint. Then I used it as a background for the trinkets on top. My sweet son took the photo! Click on Home and Heart Art at the right of this blog. Thank you for stopping by.

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