Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sweet Kinda Finds

This weekend was filled with some "sweet kinda finds"! I've discovered that I am appreciating tiny moments and small things more each day. Maybe one reason is because it seems that since we have been living under all of this Arizona sunshine, the kids are growing faster than little sprouts popping out of the soil and blooming the same day. Life is so short and I am determined to enjoy each detail of every day God gives to me.

Saturday was quite adventurous as my trip to the grocery store loaded me up with a mound of meat to pack into my freezer. I saved half on my bill and we ate steak two nights in a row. What a treat for our crew! However these were buy one, get two free. Those "babies" were at least an inch and a half thick and "melt in your mouth" tender!

After leaving the grocery store I had a little urge to stop by a garage sale just to see if I could find anything. I hit the jackpot and ended up with 25 and 50 cent finds to add to my collage art collection. There were beautiful fabrics, a large box of unused greeting cards, and other little tidbits.

Sunday afternoon we packed a large basket filled with simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grapes, chips, and chocolate chip cookies. We ate out in the desert park in the "coolish" breeze. A little protein out in the open air was enough to energize me for a wonderful nature walk. We spotted lovely blooms as it is actually wildflower season in Arizona.

Here is a little cactus piece one of the children found. It was really prickly so we had to let it just barely rest in our hands. What a unique little desert treasure.

Here are a couple of wildflower blooms. As I look at these little delicate flowers I cannot help but ponder how amazing such beauty can push through the tough ground of the desert. It is obvious that the heavenly husbandman intensely tends to the gardens of our earth. He shows us His own desire to take care of our tender hearts that sometimes become hard and arduous through life's difficult moments. However, if we allow Him to tend to us, beauty will spring forth through the toughest places.

The scorching sun
Alot like the storm
which brings violent winds,
soaking rains.
Its violence rips
and damages.
Burning rays
eats holes
Not seen by most.
When I linger too long
In the devouring heat,
Like life's adversities
and cruelty,
I may wither
and fold.
Then a rain
rises within.
Then a plea.
For help.
Calling out.
To someone greater
He was there all along
Wanting me to ask
Reaching out
Hard calloused heart
Now moist with peace
Rest and assurance.
Then springing
A little bloom
Like a desert blossom
Out of the rugged plot
In me
I know
Not made by me
But by the One
who tenderly tends
To me!

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supplies overflowing! said...

Hi Ange!
Have you smelled the orange blossom scent in the air? My daughter keeps talking about it, and them on Tuesday!