Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Write Because....

Recently someone made a comment that she did not understand how I had time to write and blog with so many children. My reply was, "Everyone can make time to do what they really want to do." So yesterday as I was cooking dinner I started asking myself, "Why do I write?" I pulled out a little notepad and began to answer my own question as I baked chicken, steamed rice and asparagus and boiled peas.

The thing is that I really do not have large increments of time to sit and write. However, when I have 5 minutes here or 20 minutes there, I can write or even think on things to write. The way I see it is if I have extra time even in small amounts, I can choose to use it usefully and creatively or I can waste it.

Think about the Bible. God inspired men to write. He wrote through them using each individual personality and gifts. If God chose such a way to give us His word, then He must think writing is important. Why do we enjoy writing emails? Because we are able to write and we enjoy doing it! So here are some reasons I came up with yesterday. And one thing I am learning is that the more I do it , the easier the words flow and the ideas come more often.

I like to!
I write because it lifts my mood if I am down.
I write because I am a happy person, even if I do not feel happy.
I write because I am able.
I write because I enjoy creating with my heart and words.
I write because my pen is a paintbrush bestowing beauty upon a blank page.
I write because little things inspire me.
I write because I find healing in penning my heart.
I write because I somehow want to make a difference.
I write because I am free to do so.
I write because I love.
I write because there are plenty of negative words. I want to catch up with positive ones.
I write because I am real and void of fake masks.
I write because I feel.
I write because I have short moments to do something meaningful.
I write because words breathe, words laugh and words cry.
I write because I feel like it.
I write because I don't feel like it.
I write because my words will outlive me.
I write because I can dance through my words.
I write because others need hope.
I write because good words are as a lamp to the dark.
I write because it is simply fun.
I write because I should write.
I write because...because....just because!


corajalem said...

Beautiful Ange. It takes courage to write and let others see. Writing is so many things us all. I write all the time and it is therapeutic. Keep going, it is a blessing.

kblair said...

I am SO glad that you write...I can't begin to tell you how much of a blessing it is to me! I love you!