Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dainty Things

I love little things that are elegant and delicate.When I look at simple little things I gain peace. When I gaze upon things that may not seem like such a big deal to others I reach out and embrace inspiration. It enters into my spirit and heart like fresh air blowing through leaves causing them to dance.

This morning I awoke and my first thought was that 19 years ago I was giving birth to our first son. I prayed and asked God to give me joy throughout the day because of such a special life that has made mine fuller and richer for the past 19 years.Needless to say a little beaded tear escaped my heart and eye as I pondered the life of my son who lives far away.

I arose out of the bed as dawn was just breaking. Coffee was brewing as my dear husband has it fresh and ready every morning. Pouring a cup, I wrapped up in a big blanket and tip-toed bare foot onto the cool patio to watch the sun rise and to inhale the whispering breezes. Across the horizon, the colors of orange and blue stripes were as a fresh painting of the Master Arts man.

As I sat, more became visible as the drapes of the night were folded back. I watched intently as two little ground doves quietly transported twigs and leaves to construct their little nest. Husband dove worked as diligently as mother dove. It made me think of my dear husband who labors faithfully to support our family. I thanked God for Him.

Then as if my ears were unplugged, other birds of various sorts began to sing all at once as if they knew the curtain of night had been rent and the new day held much hope. I thought to myself, "If such a little creature can praise like that with confidence and hope for what the day will hold, so can I!" My heart and spirit began to soar with gratefulness that God had given me the gift of this day.

Then I turned around and peeking through the glass door was my lovely little 4 year old daughter. I thought, what a dainty little life...so lovely and sweet. Through the morning my senses were awakened to more and more the "dainty, little things" that I sometimes take for granted.

My thoughts wandered to some new friends who stopped by two days ago with 10 boxes of clothes for the children. Maybe not such a big deal to some. But it is God's provision for us. And I think about the sweet lady who called me today to just say hello and to thank me for some simple cookies I had made for their family. And I sit here now and savor the aroma of turkey breast that has been simmering in the crock pot all day. Thanks God for Crock pots! There are so many blessings in store for each day.

And as I have pondered all the wonderful heavenly gifts bestowed upon my heart and household, I was inspired to make this little piece of art(above) as a little marker for this day. A reminder that the most simple and little things are usually the most precious if we would slow down enough to notice them.


kblair said...

Your heart is so precious and tender and I love that you share it so openly.

Ange said...

Thank you Karla! You never hesitate to send words of encouragement! And thanks to all of you who took time to email with such kind words! Enjoy your day and the little blessings around you.