Monday, March 30, 2009

Just wanted to stop by my little blogging room. I have come to appreciate this little place. Not only can my friends and family have a peek into my life, but I am somehow touched and find a greater sense of peace by having this little nook to share. Writing things whether a little or a lot is a great way to encourage oneself. And hopefully along the way, others come along and are also built up by your life. It makes being transparent worth it even if being vulnerable can feel uncomfortable at times.

It is Monday. It is a normal day. But each day is a bouquet. A gift to appreciate! An opportunity to grow and learn and love deeper and deeper. I have said this more than once here. But as each day passes, I grow more grateful in the simplest of things...a hug from one of my sweet children or maybe from all of them at once! I bask in a sweet kiss from hubby and the kindness in his heart.
I revel in the morning light and the treasures of each moment.

I am especially grateful today for my mother. She had an irregularity in her yearly heart exam. So she had to have an outpatient procedure performed to check for blockages in her heart. Her test came back clear with no blockages. Also her doctor told her she has a strong heart!

I spent two hours on the phone with her Friday. It was a wonderful visit as she lives in South Carolina! I love my mother. She is a wonderful friend and encourager in my life. And I am so grateful that she is doing okay!

My Daddy is growing a beard. I have never seen him with that much hair on his face. I love my Daddy too. He takes good care of my mother. I am grateful for them both and very proud of them.

Today is filled with raves! Raves radiating from a grateful heart for family, friends, love, and faith!

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