Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meaningful Beauty?

Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart.- Kilhil Gabron

A lovely castle containing no love is just a crumbling shack. But a lovely castle brimming over with the light of love is a kingdom that will stand forever.-Ange Cogburn

What is meaningful beauty? Earlier today, I glanced at a commercial and saw those exact words. Immediately I thought,"Wow, sounds like a great blog title!" Then as I stared a little longer, I saw super model Cindy Crawford gently rubbing a concoction on her beautiful face. The beauty treatment was made to slow the aging process and help eliminate wrinkles. Again I thought to myself,"One more product to sell to women and get her focus on the outside rather than the inside."

Thirty bucks a shot and you can erase age!! Wouldn't we women love for that to be true? I admit that at times I look at the lines on my 44 year old face and wonder where the years went. However, I always try to remind myself that the ways and promotions of the world will pull at a woman's heart strings. If we are not careful, we will become frustrated and pressured to buy products and pay large prices to keep the outside up to par with the views of what the world calls "true beauty".

According to the world, beauty means doing everything you can....tuck it, cut it, stuff it,puff it, enlarge it, eliminate it, erase it and suck it out!! Spend whatever moola you got so you can hear everyone say, "You've come a long way baby!" Or,"Wow, you look hot now." The world is so starved for love, many will do anything it takes to feel accepted even if it means spending mega bucks and putting lives at risk.

Someone has a quote on Cindy Crawford's website that states, "Remember your future, your face will change as you age." I am not knocking the importance of taking care of the outer appearance. However, I get so frustrated when that becomes the focus and the most important thing. How about we change the quote above to: "Remember your future, your heart will change as you age."

Your heart is what will change and either bring change for the good or bad of future generations. Instead of worrying so much about lines and wrinkles, sags and bumps of the body, maybe we should be more concerned about the inward being of the heart.

If I am kind, then kindness will multiply. I think about the times when someone did kind and selfless things for me. It stirred my heart to notice true beauty and inspired me to do something kind for someone else. You it forward!

If I am peaceful and patient, then it affects those I apply those toward and gives an example for them to follow.

If I choose humility even when I know I am being wronged, then I do not give bitterness room to take root. Bitterness is one of the worst "wrinkle diggers". If I am bitter, then why bother to fight grooves on my face with lotion when the crevices will grow deeper around my eyes as my heart grows harder and harder? Seems pointless to me.

On my next blog, I will share what the best potions are for meaningful beauty. Meaningful beauty is loveliness that is worked within the heart that brings change and influence to those around us. It is unconditional. It is costly....much more expensive than anything money can buy. Check back soon.


Anonymous said...

I've been to that castle in the picture. In fact, I've taken almost that exact picture! Such an amazing place! How are you all doing out there in the dry country???

supplies overflowing! said...

hi Ange!
I always say that the lines on a woman's face show that she has truly lived.
Of course, I also hope that the lines on my face don't reveal the stresses, but the joys!

Betsy Thraves said...

I've been to that Castle, too!

And let me say that, although I don't love them, I am proud of every wrinkle and gray hair, because I have earned each one! They are signs of a life well lived.