Monday, April 6, 2009

Stability in the Midst of Instabilty

I just wanted to stop in again real quick and add some thoughts. We just received an email from our landlord that they are trying to decide whether to sell this home or lease it again for another year. We have been here for almost 7 months. There are a lot of unknowns once again for our family. Yikes!

The housing market here is terrible. The foreclosure rate here is very high. So for those who are in a position to buy a home can purchase a house for at least 20% below the market value. If buyers purchase homes in 2009, they will also benefit from the stimulus package. So the owners of the home we are currently renting are considering selling when our lease is up.

The thought of possibly having to pack again and move is really making me weary. However, it is just a reminder that there is really only one sure stability in this world of instability. And that is the One True God who never changes.

Sometimes John and I feel bad because of all the instabilities our family has faced over the years with job losses,moves, financial crisis, and a home foreclosure. These are only a few of the instabilities we have faced. However, I am sitting here thinking as I write that God is the unchangeable and only security we have. And we have been able to have that in our family. My husband and I have stuck together in the tough times and our children have seen that. We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year.

So what I am expressing here is that our children have lived through a lot of uncertainties already in their short lives. But they are watching the eternal things endure the flames of hardship.

My hope and prayer is that they will look back and see the handiwork of God in our family and in their personal lives. That they will realize that the natural things of this world do not, houses, fads and fashions, etc. I realize that we are blessed when others may look at us and point out that we have raised our kids in a lot of instability! Well Praise God! May all of the rubbish of the world pass away and may the things that really matter shine like pure, transparent gold.

God is building His houses made of silver and gold...the things that do not perish and those houses are people. Those dwellings are breathing, living souls that God wants to reside in. I feel loved today. Loved in knowing that He delights to make His abode in me! I know He is providing and will keep lavishing His eternal blessings upon His children.

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