Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Staying Cool

Some of you folks back East may not know that is is already getting hot here in Arizona. It is April 21st and the grand high today is 100 degrees. So we are inside with the blinds pulled and every ceiling fan is on. We will probably not be going out today. Normally the three digits do not hit until mid-May. However, we are having a hot blast this week. Here is what the kids did Sunday. We set up a little water park in the back yard.
The long blue one is a surfer. However the little ones used rafts to slide across their bellies.

Here is Tommy surfing!
Heather is having a try at it. She has not quite caught on to getting a good running start. However, she had a great time!
The smaller more colorful one is the Slip and Slide racer. It has 3 runways. The kids line up, run, land on their bellies and see who reaches the finish line first. The little guys had a ball with this and were wiped out that night and the following day.

I am still trying to wrack my brain for things to do this summer. We do not have a pool. However, that is fine by me. I heard that by July, all the pools are too hot to swim in anyway!

Here are some ideas I have come up with so far for indoor things to do once the triple digits hit everyday here.They are all planned around a box or storage container and I am calling it:


Day One: ART DAY

Fill a box or large plastic container with art supplies. Now is a good time to start. Gather and save anything that could be used for a project such as, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, scrap paper, old greeting cards, coloring books, old magazines, glue, water color paints, brushes, old toothbrushes, sponges, glitter, empty paper towel toilet tissue rolls, empty soap boxes.


Use chairs and large blankets to form a tent. Use cardboard boxes for a table, TV set, and other furniture. Allow children to bring some of their own toys into the tent to set up a house. This will entertain them for hours. On one of the Art Days, have the kids decorate the boxes with the art supplies.


Store plastic bath tub toys (can be found at dollar store), plastic scoops,margarine tubs, and anything that can be safely used in the water in a plastic storage box or container. Fill the tub with warm water and bubbles. Sit with the children as they play in the tub.


Fill a sturdy plastic storage container with rice. Collect old plastic containers, spoons, measuring cups, small plastic cups, etc. Spread an old table cloth or sheet over table. Have children sit at table and play in the rice. You will have to sweep when finished. However, the fun for the kids will make it worthwhile!


Fill a box with various puzzles, activity books with mazes and connect the dots, cardboard and yarn for sewing, etc. some of these things can be found at the dollar store. I have made homemade puzzles from old cereal boxes.

The key is to only get out one box per day to prevent boredom. I am going to do some more brainstorming and research and will post more ideas soon to prepare you for summer. And don't forget to make trips to the library and READ, READ, READ!

Stay cool!

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