Saturday, July 11, 2009

Enjoy Yourself

This past Thursday I decided to splurge just a little. No new clothes, no jewelry, or a visit to the spa. But artist candy!!! Yes. To me it is like chocolate to the artist's palate. This is one of my favorite magazines. The Artful Blogger. There are lovely photos and artwork with only a minimum amount of wording. I love to look at it for inspiration. Kind of makes my little girl side emerge.
This is another great publication I picked up. It is full of color and unique ideas using mixed media such as paper, paint, glue, fabric, and any other thing you might have laying around.
So I am learning to enjoy myself more and more. I heard someone say that not only does God love the world but He loves us individually. So since He loves me like that, then He must enjoy me too. So why not enjoy my own company doing something fun and relaxing? For you,it might be a nap, a cup of tea with your favorite cookie, a great novel, or a long walk in the woods.
And sketching is something that I discovered I can do only a few months ago. Since I often get wrapped up in deep thinking, this is a great way I can rest my mind and just simply enjoy my own company. And it is okay to do just that....even if I do have a busy life with many dust bunnies and active kiddies. I like myself more and more....and so should you!! Enjoy yourself!

How do spend time enjoying yourself...just yourself alone? I would love to read about how you treat yourself!

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