Thursday, July 2, 2009

This sketch is on my art blog but I decided to put it here too. It is so profound to me and holds a message.

Sometimes when life gets really intense, I find that not only is God doing something great in those around me in spite of the hardship, but He is mostly doing something special in me. I think of the winds of life and the debris of the storm that can come at us unexpectedly. And the force of the wind can seemingly blow off all my covering to where I am vulnerable and exposed. But I know that I am hidden in Christ and that he hugs me tight in the pain. Sometimes He squeezes so hard that He brings to birth beautiful things. So, I think today, when the little ones are resting I will go to a quiet place and find out what He might squeeze out of me today. And....I look forward to creating something meaningful with my Heavenly DAD!

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