Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sometimes life is just hard...and the day to day just hurts. I am grateful for so much. I really do believe I have a grateful heart. But sometimes I just get weary and wonder if anyone cares rather than just the role I mom, cook, cleaner,wife,as one who will give, friend who will there with a listening ear. And it is usually a joy to be all these things. Sometimes I feel like no one cares about my heart. Cry me a river. Well today I am.

Sometimes you just fall into having pity parties and it is that kind of day for me. Stress is thick. Emotions are wild. Would anyone dare to admit such weakness and imperfection? Well, today I tell you that I admit it. Never will I pretend I am something I am not.

Now I go to my room to lay on my bed. Hopefully a nice little nap will help and things will look brighter when I awake...


September said...

You are soo loved! By the Lord,your family, and your blogging friends, etc. I know your words by heart today. Been there - and have come back to see the "sun shining again." Hang in there! Thank you for being real. Be praying for you tonight.

Karen said...

I wish I could give you a hug. Yes, I've been there too many times myself. The day to day of life can be overwhelming sometimes, especially with many children. I pray the Lord wraps his arms around you and bring you peace along with renewed strenghth.

Blessings to You,