Friday, July 17, 2009

How Good it is to Remember

We are on the countdown. In 25 days John and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it. Last night we went out to dinner together and I could not help but notice his eyes...the same ones belonging to the man I grew to love over 25 years ago. It is good to remember and I am doing this now.

Life gets messy at times.
Life gets busy.
Life gets distorted
by rain clouds and thundering skies
and at times we grow weary.
But it is good to remember,
The way it was then.
For your eyes and heart are the same,
yet better.....
And your smile remains.
Could I ever thank the Lord enough
for blessing me this way?
For you have been a constant gift
And I my love for you
Stands strong today.
It is good to remember
So good to remember.

I will never forget the kindness of this man I met over 25 years ago. And his kindness and goodness has remained over the years. The photos above were taken in 1984 about 10 months after we met. I was in the May Court that year at college and he had come to watch and then escort me to the May Dance. I will always remember our first date. We shared a lasagna dinner for two and were so nervous we could not eat it all. Now we cannot share food...especially dessert. We fight over it. I like to take little bites and he takes big ones. So I get mad when he gets more than me.We laugh about it everytime we decide to order dessert to share.

Also on our first date, I remember when he came to my house to pick me up. We took a walk outside to the shore of the lake and he shared with me that his mother had died just 3 years ago when he was a Senior in High School. She died in her sleep. John and his Dad tried to wake her up the following morning but to no avail. I remember how I instantly bonded with his sweet and vulnerable spirit because of his willingness to share something so painful with me on our first date.

Wow, it really is good to remember. We both have changed in so many ways over the years. But this wonderful man is still a gentle and kind soul. I will be sharing more here over the coming days. I hope you will join me as I recall the past...the good and the bad and how God has continually showered our marriage with matter the season.


Karen said...


I Love the pictures! We were married in 1984 also! My children like to tease us about the hairstyles and the clothing styles.

It is such a joy to meet people who we have so much in common with.

Blessings to You as you all look forward to celebrating your


supplies overflowing! said...

So cute! Both of you! Yes, the eyes are the give-away. I can look into my husbands baby blue eyes, and see the same man I married almost 29 years ago. His hair is more on the silver side than the brown it was back then, and he has a fuller and slightly more lined face, but those eyes of his...they haven't changed.
I am happy for you.
Keep remembering.