Friday, February 6, 2009

Two P.M. Weekdays

Every week day at 2 p.m. while the two youngest children nap, I sit down with Jamie, Daniel, and Joshua for reading time. It is quiet in the house and so relaxing to enjoy this time with my sons. Since January we have read aloud two books which I am sure will be future classics. Our children may very well be reading these stories to their children. However, they will be on the "classics" list.

We had so much fun with the stories that we had some play time with stuffed animals pretending they were the main characters in the two stories. Despereaux, the small, frail mouse with large ears and Edward, the stately china rabbit could be close friends.They both faced circumstances that changed their hearts for the better.

I would recommend both of these books for the young and the old. The Tale of Despereaux is actually a motion picture. The story is about a fragile little mouse with big ears and big dreams. He is very different from other mice who reside in the castle as he is not only tiny in stature, but loves music and reading. He is shunned by those around him and betrayed by his own family and community. However, the little fellow never gives up on his dream of a happy ending. And because he believed there was a happy ending!

Our favorite book of the two is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. My grown up "kid heart" was so stirred by this story. This proper china bunny had it made. He lived in royalty and was loved deeply by Abilene, the little girl who loved him. However, Edward was hard just like his body. He did not listen and felt that life owed him everything. He did not appreciate what he had. Then things began to change. He was separated from Abilene and his journey took him on a path to brokenness. Through it all the empty china rabbit learned to feel and love. I laughed and cried through the story.

Give your children the gift of time during valentines and read one of these stories aloud to them. They both are packed with life lessons. If you have grandchildren buy the books and read them to them or give the books as a gift. I hope to keep both of these winners on my shelf for years to come.

We had such a great time with the stories we even played! It is so fun to play with your kids! We took a stuffed mouse and made big ears for him. The photos above show him reading a fairy tale! And you also see our version of Edward in a dress. You have to read the story to find out why he has on a dress. All I have to say is ,"You gotta get the books!" They were better than any adult fiction I have read in a while. Let the kid come out and read a children's story. You will be blessed, inspired and even challenged.

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