Saturday, September 12, 2009

Special Gifts

What I am learning and loving more and more about a loving God is that He cares so much for every detail of our lives. When we moved to Arizona our lives changed drastically. For months it was really difficult as it took so long to meet people. You hardly even see the neighbors in our neighborhood. Today, a precious new friend, Pam, brought these hand crocheted afghans for the girls. Aren't they adorable? What a gifted woman!
A little less than 2 weeks ago, she came to my house, picked me up and we went to Michael's to pick out the yarn. Never did I dream how lovely they would be!
And I am amazed that Pam made both of these in just a little over a week.
Thank you Pam for such a sweet labor of love! These afghans will be treasured forever! I am blessed beyond my words. You are such a loving precious friend and woman of God.

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