Sunday, August 16, 2009


As many of you know I have been spending much time off of my feet due to my pregnancy with twins. We have two little girls due right around Christmas. I have tried to picture what the holidays are going to be like around here for us. First of all I have to figure out how to do shopping as well as getting baby items together. It seems like Christmas and the arrival of Lizzie and Maggie are going to happen all around the same time. WHEW! However, we are VERY excited!

Anyway, I am not accustomed to not being busy. And the doctor has told me to stay off my swollen little "doggies". So I have put my creative juices to work in my sedentary hours in hopes of opening a small gift shop on line. My daughter and I have taken a couple of classes from published artist Meri Wiley who also lives here in Gilbert.Her classes were a delight and she is an excellent teacher. She encouraged me and helped me to get "unstuck" as an artist and crafter and to go to a new level in my creativity. Check out her blog at You can also click on her link, IMAGI MERI on the side bar of my blog page.

On September 1st, I plan to open my first little art shop called "Home and Heart Art Shop". The emphasis of my products is vintage/eclectic type of items you can purchase for your home or for gifts for the upcoming holidays. I wanted to offer beautiful handmade items with an olden flair which are very affordable. Most of my items will be listed for 10 dollars or less. However, I will have a couple of art pieces I also created by hand which I will sell for more. My time and heart went into every piece and the items are treasures that will last for years to come.

I am excited to share with you my first collection of handcrafted gifts. Be on the lookout for my new website September 1st. And remember it is never too early to begin planning your holiday list. Hopefully my services will help to make your holidays a little more stress free. Enjoy the preview!

These are handcrafted keepsake vintage gift tags. These would make a lovely addition to your wrapped holiday gift. Also, they are keepsakes which can be kept for a special remembrance as well as make a beautiful ornament to hang on your tree each year.

This beautiful vintage/eclectic style frame would add a splash of color to any room. It is made from special papers,jewels and ribbons. The frame holds a 5x7 photo.

These ornaments would add a touch of the eclectic to any tree. And what is great about these is that they can be used in your home year around. They are made of a combination of a variety of things, therefore making them "very" eclectic.

This is a mixed collage photo frame with a vintage touch. Do you know someone who has a black and white color scheme in their home? This would add a lovely touch.

This is my first large art piece called "Glimpses". It is made from one of my sketches in which I colored with pencils and painted with acrylics. There is also a combination of various fabrics, special papers, and found items. I finished off the piece with distress inks to give it that vintage appearance.

Here are a couple of close ups of the detailed work of "Glimpses".

In addition to what you see above, I will be offering more unique photo frames, sketch prints, gift tags, ornaments, and hand-made vintage thank you post cards for after the holidays.
I look forward to sharing more with you very soon. Thank you all for being a part of my life and for all of the encouragement you have given in this new venture. I appreciate you all!


If you would like to receive notification of when the Website is up, please email me at and leave me your email address. Thanks!

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