Wednesday, October 14, 2009

30 Weeks Today

Okay inquiring minds....NOW you can see how big I am! I am 30 weeks pregnant today with TWO baby girls! Mom and babies are healthy and well.

I will be 45 years old in about 3 weeks! And I will be giving birth to two sweet babies not too long afterwards. It is unbelievable to me. My doctor's appointment went pretty well this week. I had to have a 3 hour glucose test a couple of weeks ago as my sugars levels were high! Thankfully the more in depth test showed that all is normal.

I have NO appetite...even though I look like I am eating everything in sight. In fact I only weigh 10 pounds more than I did before the pregnancy. I lost a lot with morning sickness.

Well, the doctor has put me on partial bed/couch rest and told me to cut back on 50% of my activities. No more going to the store either. I am so thankful for my children and husband during this time. Everyone has pulled together like a great team. John does the grocery shopping and cooks on the weekends. The older children help with meals during the week and help watch the younger children.

Yesterday our 17 year old scrubbed the shower and vacuumed. He has been driving me around a lot too! He took me to get my hair trimmed last night.

And I cannot leave out the younger children who pick up for me and help do laundry. I have so much to be thankful for. We have a little community right in our home. It is so true of the saying that "It takes a village to raise a child." I am thankful for our little community. Things get tough and hairy at times. However, anything worth anything is hard work!


{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

Awwww... Ange!!! you look totally stunning! One of the most beautiful pregnant mommy's I know! Yes~ you were made to have babies! It fits you perfectly! I am soo glad you have so much help~ what a Blessing! Rest~ and let those baby girlies grow~ {many blessings}~ tausha <><

Karen said...

Ange, You are just beautiful! How Blessed You truly are!

One of the perks for having a large family is the older children that can help. Be a good patient and rest and let everyone else take care of you!


MapleCottage said...

Ange, You look fantastic.. what a beautiful full belly :) I am so very excited for you! I remember how big i was with my twin girls.. I got alot of comments LOL Sweet!!

Ange said...

Thank you all for being to sweet to leave a comment!! Your words are so encouraging as always dear friends!!


September said...

I cannot believe that I am even saying this.. " This went by so fast!" lol.. I know it hasn't for you,, but WHEN did 30 weeks go by?!
You look amazing Ange! I am just so excited for you and your family!
I am praying for those sweet babes and you!

kblair said...

You look fabulous! So beautiful!

I agree with September...where did 30 weeks go?

Love you!

Ange said...

Thank you again precious ladies!! Wow, I am so blessed by your friendship...just wish you all did not live so far away.



Our Blessed Savior said...

Ange you look great... what a blessing it is for you too have so much help from your family!

Angie said...

Aww- you look so very beautiful and you are so very Blessed DEAR sister!

May you be blessed with two HEalthy babes!

Ange said...

Thank you Michelle and Angie! Words of life are as a drink to the soul! I am blessed to have such sweet blogger friends!

Love Ange