Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Goodwill Thrill

(click on photos to get a closer look!)

I know what the Dr. said! No more going to the store. But folks I am going stir crazy. This morning I decided to check out our new Goodwill store just down the street...just to get out of the cabin for a spell! I thought I might try to find a couple of gowns but with no luck. BUT...I did find these! We still needed a bumper pad for the crib. It is on the left. It only cost $5.99 and looks like new. I also found this matching set which includes the crib skirt, diaper holder, and 3 padded wall hangers.
I am so excited! The ballerina wall hangers were only .69 each!! The crib skirt was only 2.99 and the diaper holder was only 1.99! And they all look new. I would have paid over $100 for all of this in the retail stores!
I also found a bag of sweet girlie goodies for 2.99. Inside were bibs, burp clothes, socks, and two sets of booties. Here is one of them! So cute!!
And here are the two sets of booties along with pretty head bands for the girls. I ended up with a set of 10 for $4.99!!
And here is big sister Heather sporting the girlie head bands! She is excited about her new baby sisters who are soon to arrive.

Thanks for letting me share my fun and excitement with you! It really is a wonderful feeling and brings such a great sense of accomplishment to find such pretty things for such little money! YIPEE!!!

Blessings everyone!



{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

awwwwww~ everything!! such great deals tooo~ soo girly!your little sweetie looked so sweet holding the hair bows!! and so proud! awww..many blessings~

karen said...

Hi Ange,
First, congratulations on your double blessings. May the Lord grant you a healthy pregnancy and easy and quick delivery in name of Jesus.
That was such a great buy...enjoy every moment!

Blessedw5mom said...

I hear that a big congrats is in order as your babies have arrived!!! Praying for you and your adorable family!