Friday, October 2, 2009

Blooms and More Blooms!

Well, it is difficult to share just one bloom out of my little thriving garden! I hope you read my post from yesterday about my friend Meri and how the Lord is tending to my garden of friendships! Today, I have more blossoms to show you!

I am amazed over and over at how God continues to express His care and interest in the details of our lives. He even sees fit to provide hair cuts for my sweet boys who were really beginning to look like "boogars"!!!! And I did not even have to put the children in the car to take them to the salon! In this photo you see my friend Pam who lovingly offered to come over and cut the boys' hair. She spent almost the entire afternoon trimming and cutting! And she was so patient with them all. I just love this precious lady! God is good, good, good!! This lady is amazing...wonder if she is really "Wonder Woman"! She has four children, home schools, keeps a lovely home, is always serving others, and rides a really cool motorcycle!!
Here is Timothy after his haircut. I hated to see his curls go, but I think he looks even sweeter now with his precious new haircut!
Timmy is such a poser!
And here is our handsome Jamie who is now ten years old!
Joshua before the big cut!!
And Joshua after! He still has those precious pudgy cheeks at age 6 (almost 7)
Here is Daniel after his haircut! Such a handsome little guy too!
And Daniel in the middle of his haircut...If he was a bit older he could be in a "boy band"! He looks like he could almost be one of the Jonas brothers! LOL!
Timothy, Joshua, and Heather. Heather did not get a haircut...we are letting her hair grow back out after Joshua gave her a cut on one side several months ago.

This is Amanda. She is Pam's daughter and also a good friend to our son Tommy. I want to thank her for taking such precious photos of the children! She took all of these pictures! Thank you Amanda! You are very gifted!

And I cannot leave out my son Tommy who is also a growing and thriving photographer. It brings my heart so much joy to watch young people pursue the gifts God has placed within them! Tommy is such a trooper. He has taken most of the photos on my blogs and he does a great job! He took both photos of the blooms in these last posts!

Well, I am really counting my blessings as you can tell! And of course there are more blossoms in my garden I have yet to share. However, I am sure you will find sprays of blooms all across my blogging room as you continue to follow me along!

Thanks for your visit, and do not forget to stop and admire the blossoms in your garden!



supplies overflowing! said...

What a surpise! I stopped by this morning, but didn't have time to leave my comment, so I came back now, and found another post.
We moved to this town during the winter months, and really didn't meet our neighbors until the spring. This was 24 or 25 years ago, and the two I became closest with from the neighborhood, are my dear friends to this day. Two of us have moved from that neighborhood (one family moved about 30 minutes away) yet whenever we get together, it is as though we haven't skipped a day. They are certainly my ever-blooming flowers. I can always count on them.
Your children look so cute with their haircuts. The first cuts are like milestones to me. Baby hair is cut, the face looks a bit more grown up- especially (I think)with the boys.
I remember cutting bangs on a friend one day, and my one son once cut his own bangs himself. MMM...that was an interesting look.
He was quite proud of himself.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Amanda and Tommy have done well with the photos.

{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

Hi! my inspiration to blog! {kindred spirit} :)
I loved all the photo frames you made and how you created them~ soo pretty...and with history!
{honestly} you are a very creative mommy~ and soo talented in all that you touch~ no wonder~ the Lord is soo pleased with you~ ;))
Have greatevening~ and put your feet up and those precious baby girls can grow! ;) loves and hugs~ and many blessings~ blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen~