Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hidden Treasures...Blooms of Old

It seems odd that all these recent blogs I have been writing are about blossoms and blooms in my life's garden. And then yesterday I came across a hidden treasure. I came across an old photo frame containing old pictures from my Great Aunt Willie's rose garden. I am not sure how old the photos are, but the frame they were in really did not do justice for them. So I never hung them in my home and really did not know what else to do with them...until yesterday!
So I took the backing out of the frame and cut out the photos. I filed down around the edges and collage around the pictures with vintage designed papers. Afterwards, I took some sand paper and lightly smoothed down the collage around the photos. Then I used vintage tea dye ink as well as black dye ink to make them look even more aged. Lastly, I glued the distressed photo onto various paper backgrounds to help the blooms stand out.
These were placed in 3 simple dollar store photo frames. And I added a little paper to tie in the colors.
Here is another lovely shot of roses from Aunt Willie's garden. Aunt Willie was my Grandfather's oldest sister. She was of such a jovial countenance..always light hearted, friendly and loving! She lived in Abbeville S.C. which was the small town in which my Granddaddy was raised. I always enjoyed visiting Aunt Willie and roaming through her beautiful rose garden.
This is a close up photo of some of the details of my "old made new" creation. I am excited to display these in my home after having the photos put away for years. You can actually click on the photo to get a closer look.
Here is the entire trio. I made them yesterday afternoon while the little ones were resting. I should have been napping....but I am so restless these days. I do not understand it. Anyway, I am having fun just doing little creative stuff like I did when I was a little girl. I used to love to make things. If I did not have craft supplies, I would scrounge around in my room and find things to make.

I do not know why I am thinking about blooms, blossoms and roses in this season. After all it is autumn. Maybe if we look close enough, there is a little bit of spring time in every season. For our family, we have had many new beginnings lately and there are more on the way. Maybe that is why I am thinking "bouquets, flowers and blossoms"!


supplies overflowing! said...

These are very lovely!

I just read a few of your posts-I read back to the haircuts.
You sound well- and I can't tell you how happy I am for you that your son is COMING HOME TO YOU!!
I read about your parents- they are a goodlooking couple. Do you have siblings?? Do they have other grandchildren besides your children?
At Christmas, it will be a year since we last saw the daughter from Az. I can't believe it. We have never gone this long- even when she lived in Greece and Ireland for a year, we saw her in between.
My son hasn't been home from RI since Labor Day, and won't be until Thanksgiving. This will be the longest we will have spent without seeing him.
I hope you can visit (or I should say, they can visit you!) soon.
And again, I am so happy about your son.
Glad you are well.

kblair said...

Two brand new Christ warriors are about to blossom from your womb!!! I am not surprised about the parallel.
I so want to meet them!