Friday, October 23, 2009

A Walk is Simply a Walk

I have been pondering a lot on different things I have experienced in my journey with the Lord. As you can tell, I am drawing on Him alone right now...leaning, trying to rest, trusting,and relying on the One and only true God. He is real. He is active and attentive. And His strength is perfect in all weakness.

To walk with God is simply a walk. It is amazing how we can become so caught up in religion that we loose the beauty and simplicity that Jesus wants to bring into our lives. When I think of a walk, I think of an uncomplicated activity. He just wants us to live simply as we travel the ordinary road of life. He loves to live and walk with us when we are just going about our way.

I have spoken with people who claim to see angels everyday. And then I have cried out in envy because I do not see them. I hear about supernatural occurrences and I wonder why am I not living in the supernatural each day. Is something wrong with me and my family that God would not come near enough to reveal Himself to me in this way?

Then I realize that the enemy of my heart would try and use anything against me to accuse God and try to make me think I am missing something, thus discouragement sets in.

But what about just a simple walk? Is there a miracle in that? And the Lord says yes! He says the ordinary journey of an ordinary person who walks with me is living in the wonder of miracles each day. Companionship with the Lover of my soul is the miracle that I should seek and live.

Many are being taught today that we should seek the sensational experiences of God. If I seek sensationalism, then maybe I am making it an idol instead of living with contentment in knowing that the Miracle Maker lives in me and with me each day in my simple and ordinary tasks. Oh think about the miracles in that!

So many believers, including myself have sought to find the glory on mountaintops, but there is a work in the valley that is also glorious and there is a Light that shines even when I walk on the level paths of simplistic living. We walk in all places...the hilltops, the flat trails, and through the lowest of valleys. The point is not so much where we are walking, but Whom we are walking with.

Lord, walking with You simply, ordinarily, and without complication is the cry of my heart. I do not seek your miracles...I seek Your heart and Your mind. I seek not sensational experiences from the heavenly realms, but I only seek to stroll beside You moment by moment. To hold Your hand, to hear Your whispers, and to enjoy Your smile.

In Jesus Name!

Update! Speaking of walking, I have to giggle...I am not really walking these days...just wobbling! I had a doctor's appointment yesterday with a fairly good report. I am doing well except my blood pressure has crept up a little. So, here is one more thing the doctor's will have to watch over the next few weeks.

With multiple pregnancies,blood pressure is always a factor because there is so much stress on the heart and the body of the mother. The doctor said she does not expect me to go past 34 to 35 weeks. But only the Lord knows! I am just praying for fully developed lungs for both babies.

Today I go to the specialist for the fluids to be checked with both babies. I am hoping for a good report. Thank you to those who have been praying and checking on me. Your thoughts and concerns mean more that I can say.

I will probably be posting another update this weekend, so check back.

And remember, wherever your feet take you this day, may you walk in the miraculous beauty of Your Saviour's presence!



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Karen said...

Praying for a good report today!

Blessings and hugs to you!