Friday, October 23, 2009

Quick Update

Just wanted to thank the few of you who are praying...God has heard. Fluid levels in the babies' sacs have dropped from border line high to a normal reading!! I really appreciate those of you who have taken time to pray for me and the babies! Hopefully, I will not have any visits to the doctor next week! Have a great weekend and bask in the goodness of God!




Karen said...


Praise God for the good report! God is so good!

Karen said...

Sorry,I hit the the publish button before I was done.

I am so thrilled that the fluid levels are normal.

Thank You so much for adding my blog button. That was so sweet of you and Thank You for the sweet things you said about me too.

You have been a great friend to me, and I am thankful for you. Thank You for just being you!

Keeping You in my prayers,

avagdro said...

Thanks John and Ange for sharing the good news.Hope a sound health to all around the globe.Wish you in advance a joyful Christmas:)

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MapleCottage said...

Wonderful news.. I am really looking forward to seeing pictures of your little beauties!! :)

kblair said...

Great news. So thankful. I can't wait to see their beautiful faces either!!!

Ange said...

Thank you sweet friends for reading my updates...encouraging and caring....I am blessed. I JUST WISH YOU ALL LIVED CLOSER!!!