Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taking a Break

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I want to thank you for being such wonderful friends! I sure do appreciate those of you who regularly read my blog because you care for me as a person and a friend. I know there are those who check here often as spectators and that is okay with me if they are encouraged in some way.

First of all, everything is going okay so far with the babies. I have another doctor's appointment next week on the 4th which will also be my 45th Birthday. I am happy I was born. I am mostly happy because I have precious family that I have the privilege to love on and care for. Yes, that is the main reason I am happy that God saw fit to knit me together in my beautiful mother's womb.

Our family is going through an unexpected crisis that I cannot share at this time. We are broken and hurting. To those of you who truly care and pray for our family, we would appreciate your ongoing and possibly increased prayers during this very difficult and perplexing time.

Because of this stressful time, I have decided to take a break from blogging. I will keep you updated on the twins as they are due on December 23rd. However, my doctors believe I will go into labor way before that.

If you feel prompted to pray, please ask the Lord to bring peace and strength to us . We need His wisdom and patience. We need comfort and encouragement. We need people to come along beside us who will not judge but help us during this time. Friends are pretty scarce at this season in our lives.

Sending blessings and love to all. And I will be back in the right time!



Karen said...


Please know that you are in my prayers. I do not know the need but God does. First I pray that
He wraps His arms around you and brings you great comfortand Peace. Second I pray that He will intervene in the situation and that His name will be Glorified!

If there is anything I can do for you please let me know. I am here and I am praying!

One thing I have learned to do is not judge people. Being a Mom to 10 and Homeschooling, people expect us to be perfect. Well, guess what? Those 10 children have a will of there own. They make choices that are sometimes not desirable. My own family watches us under a microscope and many of them are so excited when one of us messes up. I have never claimed to be perfect. I am just trying to live for the Lord to the best of my ability.

I am not saying that any of this has to do with any of your children, I am just sharing from my experience.

Take care and hang in there. I am praying.



MapleCottage said...

My prayers are with you, Ange. We have been having some of our own issues.. Big big hugs and I will look forward to hearing from you again.

{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

aww... .ange~ my heart is aching for your precious family god....i am soo sorry...for this prayers will continue to lift you and your family up to our heavenly you~ tausha

Angie said...

May our Lord meet you in this time.]

I truly can relate in the friendship depart. It is hard to find ones whose hearts are pure and motives are good.

I would love to chat with you on the phone if you are able.(I will email my number)

Many blessings to you dear sister and may our Lord bring you peace in this time of struggle.

Ange said...

I am very grateful for these precious words of encouragement and comfort. I wish I could express my appreciation in a better way. Thank you all! We feel your prayers and support. Emotions are raw, but we are believing for God's glory to come out of this. I wish I could share, but just cannot at this time. thank you all for understanding and for loving unconditionally! MAY THE LORD TACKLE YOU AND SHOWER YOU WITH HIS UNENDING BLESSINGS. LOVE TO ALL, ANGE

supplies overflowing! said...

Oh Ange- You have my support and prayers. Please be well, and what ever is happening right now, may it be righted before too long.

. said...

Hello Ange. Let me say that I have every faith in the world that you will prevail these circumstances. Your faith is strong, and you have so many friends and family in your court, praying for you! I really enjoy your writing, and you have or at least come across with a very calming effect. But we all need breaks in life to reflect and re-focus, and we usually come out the better and all the more stronger for it. It is said that children are a gift from God. If this is true and I do believe it is, then you my friend have truly been blessed by Him. One thing I always feel comforted in during trying times, is the fact that no matter what, I have my family there by my side. And so do you! Rest in comfort, and may your times of tribulation come to a soothing end so very soon. I'm with you in prayer, and hope to read your inspirational writings again when the time is right! Take care and God is blessing you!
(toorockmysoul, Stage Of Life)

Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi Ange! I visited your blog for the first time this morning. I saw you mentioned on Karen's blog. Isn't Karen wonderful?

I'm excited to hear how your delivery with twins goes. What an exciting time. You HAVE been abundantly blessed with a full quiver.

So I guess you're having twin girls huh? (I'm assuming from what I saw you brought back from the Goodwill). Fun fun fun!

I love your side bar. I laughed as I scrolled and scrolled and kept scrolling and found recipes and ideas and pictures... what a great idea! Maybe I'll try that. :)

Well, I better move on, but I just wanted to say what lovely blog you have. It was such a pleasant and inspiring visit this Saturday morning.

Oh, and THANK YOU for putting the Cripe family's button up on your blog. I have been so blessed to get to know Danielle through the internet and continue to hope and pray for a miracle. God is being seen in her life and in the way she is handling this tremendous trial.

May God be glorified!

Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

Karen said...

Hi Ange,

I have heard from your friend Donna that your precious little girls were born. It sounds like things are going well.

I anxiously await pictures of your sweet little bundles!

May the Lord Bless You and keep you and encourage you too!

Praying for you,

croleyc69 said...

I stopped by from Karen's blog and wanted to say Congrats. I have a friend from back in Ohio that had her twin son's early and they weighed just about the same as your girls. They are 12 yrs old and doing fine. I'm praying for you all.

Alexis Pereyra said...

Maria Said
I don't fave a Blog but i do check your blog a list once a week.
Ange, I think you are a wonderful woman, a true disciple of our Lord.
its impossible to read your post and not get touch, your are an inspiration
God is with you and your family, I know you have a lot of faith, and we need to continue trusting the Lord
no matter what is going, he grace is sufficient.
congrats on the twin girls, thanks God everything when well. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Angie said...

Praising the Lord for the blessings that he has bestowed upon.
May he protect them and make them both strong.
I pray you are well